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This dealership is amazing. Of course you know the cars are magnificent but what you may not know is that the employees at this dealership are equally amazing, kind and welcoming. We brought our 2 boys in to check out the cars! Both are HUGE James Bond and Aston Martin fans. I called ahead to make sure we wouldn’t disrupt business. Miguel contacted me and told me to come on down and bring the boys. He even told me we could explore the cars and take a few pictures. My kids were so excited. We arrived and were warmly greeted by everyone. I wish I could remember everyone’s name! Miguel was not there and told me to ask for Greg. Greg made sure my boys got the full Aston Martin experience. He let them sit in the car, take a few pics and shared a few stories about the cars! Thank you so much for your hospitality!! We got amazing photos, a great Christmas card picture and as an added bonus my boys want to work harder in school so they can be successful and some day own their own Aston Martin! Win-win!  
Jennifer Whipple