Preparing Your Aston Martin DBX For New Jersey Winters?

Winters in New Jersey can bring some unexpected twists and turns. Whether it is freezing rain, sleet or snow, you can trust that our experienced service technicians, here at Aston Martin Summit, will have your DBX SUV prepared for any weather conditions. Let us help you make driving your vehicle this winter an easy decision. Here are some tips for making sure your vehicle is running its best this winter.

Tires - Winter tires are recommended. They are specifically designed to handle sleet, snow and ice. Their unique tread design maximizes safety while traveling by staying more flexible and softer during the cold winter weather.

Battery - be sure your battery is fully charged for a sure start and to meet the demands of the need for an extra boost when it's cold.

Fluids - Having topped off or fresh fluids, such as oil, antifreeze and windshield washer fluid are a must for smooth winter ride. Fluids that need to be replaced will be the best for your vehicle that is recommended by Aston Martin

Our thorough technicians are here to help make sure everything from the battery to the tires are ready to keep you safe.

Is The Aston Martin DBX Right For Your Active Family And Sophisticated Style? Simply, Yes!

Whether you are packing the kids for a day in at the park, getting ready for a hiking adventure or heading out to shop downtown, day at the spa or a day at work, Aston Martin Summit has what works for you!The spacious DBX not only drives smoothly, you also have the room to pack for a full day of driving around in style. Keep your passengers relaxed and comfortable while hauling around travel gear, sporting equipment or your shopping finds of the day.

You can rely on the Aston Martin DBX to get you where you are going with dependability, elegance and style.

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