Nothing Matches Aston Martins DB11 Unique Sound

Every Aston Martin offers a distinctive sound system from Bang and Olufsen. Bang and Olufsen BeoSound has been exclusively evolved for the unique and stylish Aston Martin lineup. In late 2007, Aston Martin and Bang and Olufsen partnered together to, no pun intended, make some beautiful music. They accomplished this task beautifully.

In the DB11, there are 13 specifically located speakers in the body to provide you not only with a great driving experience, but an unforgettable sound exposure.

The 13 speaker locations include:

  • 2 19mm tweeters in the front
  • 1 100mm midrange in the front
  • 1 19mm center tweeter in the front center
  • 2 100mm midrange in the front doors
  • 2 165mm woofers near the front footwell
  • 2 19mm tweeters in the rear
  • 2 100mm midranges in the rear
  • 1 200mm subwoofer in the rear.

The speakers are not just put into the most convenient readily open areas. A lot of thought went into where they would be best utilized. They are strategically placed so they can take advantage of the acoustics of the vehicle. The sound features offer automatic volume control which means automatic real-time adjustment of equal compensation of volume brought on by the changing noise levels of the engine and exterior surroundings while driving. This transition in volume is seamless to drivers and passengers and offers a quality listening experience for your entire trip. No matter where you are sitting in the vehicle, a passenger, driver or in the rear seating, your listening experience is equally exhilarating.

If you enjoy the sweet symphonies of an orchestra, southern country twang, pop or even rock, you won't be disappointed in the way your choice of music is expressed in the DB11. You will always have the best seat in the house. With over 400 hours put into designing and testing this system to perfection, it is no wonder that it ended up in the astounding DB11.

Take a trip or contact us at Aston Martin Summit to experience the sounds yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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