New Aston Martin DB11 Lease Special

The Aston Martin DB11 belongs in a class of its own. Power and grace come together and deliver a refined yet highly capable drive. A striking figure makes an impression on onlookers while the performance will amaze drivers. Explore the DB11 at Aston Martin Summit today. Visit our dealership to find a great offer on an Aston Martin DB11 lease special.

Few other vehicles offer both excellent performance and luxury like the DB11. Experience a comfortable ride even when pushing this car to its limit. When it was first introduced, the DB11 set a new standard for Aston Martin. It immediately became the most powerful DB model in the automaker’s history. Today, it remains as impressive as ever. Continue reading for an overview of the Aston Martin DB11.

Aston Martin Information

Iconic as any automotive brand on Earth. Aston Martin makes automobiles that stand the test of time. Instantly recognizable, driving enthusiasts know all about the exceptional nature of Aston Martin vehicles. Made to turn heads, these cars appeal to performance lovers and those with an eye for luxury.

Backed by tradition and heritage, Aston Martin always stays true to its roots. However, the automaker is working hard to build cars for the future. This means implementing cutting-edge technology that truly put Aston Martins on a new level. These cars can adapt to multiple occasions and still give drivers top-notch results.

Introducing the 2021 Aston Martin DB11

With a long history of building highly capable grand touring cars, the DB11 is Aston Martin’s latest effort. It takes the same DNA that has made the DB line so popular and continues to improve upon excellence. It has the capabilities to hang with the greatest sports cars on Earth. Still, it includes luxury features found in only the finest vehicles.

This two-door sports car comes with 2 + 2 seating. What the rear row lacks in size, it makes up for with comfortable leather materials. This exclusive vehicle ranks among the most sought-after luxury cars in production. Therefore, finding one at a great price can be difficult. Fortunately, we can help with our new lease specials at Aston Martin Summit.

DB11 Performance Specs

Coming standard with a 4.0L V8 engine, the Aston Martin DB11 packs a punch on the road. Overall, the powertrain has an output of 503 horsepower and 513 lb-ft of torque. The rear-wheel-drive comes from an eight-speed automatic transmission. Overall, the V8 DB11 once again makes a strong case as one of the best-performing cars in its class for 2021.

Speed is what the DB11 does best. It has a 0-60 mph acceleration under 4.0 seconds, earning it a distinction as a vehicle with top-of-the-line quickness. Its maximum speed reaches 187 miles per hour, making it capable of performing well on the track. One thing is clear, the Aston Martin DB11 leaves little to be desired from a driving perspective.

Classic Aston Martin Design

Equally appealing as its driving, the DB11’s sleek exterior benefits form and function. It maintains familiar elements from past DB models, making it look like the beloved Aston Martins of the past. Lines flow from the front to pack, making the exterior flow. It is nothing less than a work of art on four wheels.

The organic design does more than stand out on the road. It helps maximize the vehicle’s aerodynamic capabilities. Every detail is accounted for, right down to the door handles. Air will flow over the coupe’s low ceiling, reducing drag. It all adds up to make the ride even smoother and the DB11 more capable.

Luxury Interior

Sit in the DB11’s driver’s seat and experience an all-new level of luxury. An exquisite leather trim made of only the finest materials makes for an exceptionally comfortable environment. The aesthetic was not compromised for the sake of innovation. Even with tremendous driving technology, the DB11 still has a classically Aston Martin interior.

Despite, the two-door layout, the rear seats still provide sufficient legroom for passengers. Drivers also get plenty to work with, including an 8.0-inch digital display. A 400-watt audio system and Sirius XM satellite radio come standard. There is also a variety of available driver assistance and safety technologies.

A Drive Tailored to You

With an emphasis on versatility, the DB11 fears no road. It is equally comfortable on long stretches of highway as on winding back roads. The smooth ride can give way to thrilling speed at the driver’s command. Handling remains one of the DB11’s greatest strengths as it can corner like a car of smaller size and weight.

Thanks to three available driving modes, the DB11 can always deliver tailored performance. First is GT mode, ideal for longer trips but also comfortable enough for the daily drive. Sport mode is meant for quiet roads where precision driving can add excitement. Then, Sport-Plus unleashes the DB11’s full potential.

New Aston Martin DB11 Lease Special

Visit Aston Martin of Summit today to see the DB11 for yourself. Interested buyers can now lease this stunning car at a great rate. We are currently offering a 2021 Aston Martin DB11 for lease at $2,999 per month for 39 months. Additionally, we have a 2020 DB11 available for $2,399 per month. Come get a great deal on a new Aston Martin DB11 lease special.

Along with our new lease specials on this Aston Martin, we also have used DB11 models available. These include a certified pre-owned 2018 Aston Martin DB11. We have a 2017 Aston Martin DB11 currently for sale as well. Hurry in to drive a quality DB11 while they are still available.

Northern New Jersey’s Best Aston Martin Inventory

Aston Martin Summit is the best place in Northern New Jersey to find yourself a fantastic Aston Martin car. These exotic vehicles are hard to find elsewhere, so trust our brand experts to deliver. We can help you find the right new or used Aston Martin car. Plus, we have a great selection of other pre-owned luxury sports cars too. Explore our entire inventory today.

About Aston Martin Summit

At Aston Martin Summit, you can find unbeatable prices on a new Aston Martin DB11 lease special. Furthermore, you can find a quality inventory of other Aston Martin models. It always comes with attentive, personalized customer service. We will put your needs first and work to make financing a breeze. For more information about the Aston Martin DB11 or our dealership, contact Aston Martin Summit today.

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