Is Your Aston Martin Telling You Something?

Vehicles are becoming smarter as technology advances. Nowadays, your car can sense when the tire pressure is low or when you need to add windshield washer fluid.

You should not ignore the signals your car is giving you, pay attention to the lights and messages.

Aston Martin has made it easy to know when you need to have your vehicle checked. Here is a description of some of the warning symbols and what they mean.

Passenger With Seatbelt - This seems like an obvious one, make sure your seatbelt and the seat belt of your passengers are properly secure. If this symbol continues to glow, it may mean there is a fault with the restraint system.

DSC - This stands for Dynamos Stability Control. If this appears you may be driving on snowy or icy roads. This means that your traction control is kicking in to assist you in safely reaching your destination.

Tire Pressure Warning - When you see this, you may need to add more air due to your tires being under inflated.

The Engine - The famous check engine light. This light could mean a few things, but to safely narrow down if there is a serious issue, you should bring it to your Aston Martin service department to have it properly diagnosed.

Time For Regular Service - What it means is right in the message. It is time for a regular service appointment. At this appointment, your New Jersey Aston Martin dealer will be checked for fluid levels, any leaks in hoses, that connections are secure and maybe even a tire rotation. To keep your Aston Martin running at its top performance, it is important not to ignore this message or any other message.

If any light appears on your dashboard, contact you local Aston Martin dealer to schedule a service appointment. Our highly experienced service technicians will help you maintain and service your vehicle and help answer any questions you may have.

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