Fun Facts About The Aston Martin DBX

The performance of this vehicle is absolutely one to be envious of. With a polished 4.0- liter Twin Turbo V8 engine, you’ll get about 542hp. The DBX707 is stated to go from 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds. If that sounds a little fast for you, don't worry because you have carbon-ceramic brakes to help you slow down. Even more impressive is the ability to go from 0-100 mph in 7.4 seconds. This is the perfect mix of sport and luxury.

Speaking of luxury, have we talked about the interior? With its distinctive leather smell and soft touch, you know you're in for an experience. And there are many color and wood trim options. The unique imprints and stitching on the seats are absolutely charming. The infotainment system allows easy pairing to any smartphone and the base 800-watt sound system can give you an experience of its own. Whether you are into classical symphonies, good ol’ country or rocking out, you'll feel like you're in the front row of any show. With the options of Bluetooth, SiriusXM.

You won’t need to go to any trouble with making sure your passengers are comfortable. Did you know there are 3 climate controls? Your passengers in the back seat have full control of their own comfort and Front passengers have their option of heated or ventilated seats. While Aston Martin is no stranger to exquisite performance vehicles, the DBX is the very first Aston Martin SUV. With the extra space an SUV provides, hitting the road for a trip is easy. Its stability and premium build makes uneven roads feel smooth. You still get the feel of a traditional Aston Martin. With its slim lines and low roof life and sleek frame, you get everything from the original classic Aston Martin makes and new refined versions.

The DBX is an experience to not miss. Visit Aston Martin Summit to test drive yours today.

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