Discover the Aston Martin DBX at Aston Martin Summit

“DBX, is a new kind of Aston Martin, one founded on the principles of beauty, luxury, and driving dynamics. Ready to go anywhere, it’s powered by the spirit of adventure.”

Aston Martin DBX is Now Available at Aston Martin Summit!

For drivers in need of a versatile daily driver, check out the incredible Aston Martin DBX. Rather than the standard, boring SUVs that feel like compromises, we sell only the best. Our inventory features several DBX vehicles that deliver the best in terms of luxury, practicality, and power. The Aston Martin DBX is a 5 seater SUV that provides a sumptuous experience for every occupant. It’s a world of luxury, with a panoramic sunroof providing a sense of airiness and space for all. A commanding driving position instills a sense of confidence and provides the driver with a clearer view of the road ahead.

Innovation to take you anywhere. Active all-wheel drive with variable torque distribution and height-adjustable air suspension, all provide DBX with the confidence and versatility you need for life’s great adventures. It will never compromise how it gets you there.

Experience the exhilarating power the fierce Aston Martin DBX has to offer. DBX is an SUV with a V8 engine that offers an exhilarating 550PS power output, backed by 700Nm of torque. That power is delivered over the widest possible range, focused on providing instant throttle response.

For multi-terrain driving, two Terrain modes adjust the suspension and all-wheel-drive systems to suit the surface. Power is intelligently directed through our bespoke all-wheel-drive system, capable of sending power almost exclusively to the rear wheels for maximum driving dynamics.

Over the past decade, SUVs have soared in popularity thanks to their versatility. They suit the needs of people who need extra space but still want a powerful, performance-minded car. Thanks to this versatility, the Aston Martin DBX can accomplish just about anything. Take it off-the-beaten-path when you need to.

Lease Your New Aston Martin DBX at Aston Martin Summit!

At Aston Martin Summit, the first-ever Aston Martin SUV, DBX, is a new kind of Aston Martin, one founded on the principles of beauty, luxury, and driving dynamics. Ready to go anywhere, it’s powered by the spirit of adventure. Aston Martin summit offers personalized, competitive leasing offers with a flexible deposit amount and a series of monthly payments over an agreed period enable you to enjoy your new Aston Martin DBX!

Aston Martin Summit

Discover the new Aston Martin DBX and exclusive lease offers in Summit, New Jersey, visit Aston Martin Summit. We have a wide variety of models from the world’s best automakers. Plus, our helpful sales team can get you into the driver’s seat of a car you will love. All our new & pre-owned cars are guaranteed to be in outstanding condition. To find a new or quality pre-owned luxury car, view our inventory online at Aston Martin Summit.

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