DBX Packages

The DBX is a classy luxury SUV that offers so much from the very beginning. Its 0-60mph in 4.5 second, spacious cargo and room for 5 make it an excellent choice for many. Did you know that you can add on a number of packages to make the DBX more uniquely yours? Here is a list of packages that you can add on by talking to our sales team, here at Aston Martin Summit.

Adventure Pack

This pack sounds pretty explanatory - it's all about the Adventure! This pack includes mud flaps, wet storage bag, aluminum roof crossbars and heavy duty tread plates.

Bike Pack

Adding a Bike pack to your DBX makes it easier for you and your friends and family to hit the bike trails or ride around the park. Don't worry if your bike gets a little mud on the tires because this pack also comes with a portable washer.

* please note that you have to purchase the Adventure pack in conjunction with this pack.

Snow Pack

This pack is great for our unpredictable winters. This pack includes a ski bag, snow chain set, roof mounted ski rack and even a boot warmer!

* please note that you have to purchase the Adventure pack in conjunction with this pack.

Smokers’ Pack

This includes a trinket tray with the laser etched Aston Martin Wing logo and a 12v lighter.

Interior Protect Pack

There is no better way to keep your interior in immaculate condition than to have the interior protection pack. This pack includes All Weather Floor Mats for the driver and the passenger, a Rear Bumper Protector and Rear Seat Covers. With all this in tow, you will be ready to take on any messy weather or adventure.

Pet Pack

Your pets are like your children. You love and care for them, however you also care about your DBX. With the Pet pack, you can comfortably transport your pet wherever you go without the fear of scuffs, stray hair and drool marks. This pack includes a dog partition to separate you and your dog for safe driving, a 32 in dog lead, dog food carrier, dog bag in either black or tan leather and a portable washer.

Expressions Pack

This package adds the extra finishing touches you did not know you needed. This pack included Valve caps, comfort headrests in either black or tan, Illuminated tread plates, a black or tan leather key pouch and carbon fiber tail pipe finishes.

Field Sport Pack

This pack is perfect for the outdoor sportsman or adventurer. Do you have some dirty clothing or shoes from a long day outside? This pack includes a Luxury Hamper to keep all of that from making a mess in your vehicle. It also includes a seat stick and a lockable field sports cabinet to store anything from golf clubs to baseball catching mitt.

Event Pack

Say no more - this is a must have for any tailgating event or stargazing evening. This pack includes a picnic basket, luxury hamper and an umbrella. The topper of this pack is the luxury rear event seating! No matter where you are, your comfort is important to us.

If you have any questions regarding any of these packages for your new or current DBX, contact us today at Aston Martin Summit. We are happy to assist you!

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