Choosing the Right Current Aston Martin Model

From the big screen in ‘007’ films to race tracks around the globe, Aston Martin is a highly-visible brand. Known for their quality, high-performing vehicles, the Aston Martin name is synonymous with luxury. These vehicles have remained at the top of the automotive world for decades. Today, the heritage continues. Current Aston Martin models prove that the British automaker continues to produce world-class vehicles. No matter what category, they strive to ensure each model is at the top of its class.

Each Aston Martin has specific qualities that may appeal to different drivers. Since each one is engineered to the highest standards, choosing one may prove difficult. That is where Aston Martin Summit can help. Our team has a deep understanding of Aston Martin vehicles and we want to help you find the perfect one. Read more about the lineup of current Aston Martin models and learn which vehicle best suits you.


It is the first SUV from Aston Martin. As such, the DBX blends power and luxury the way only an Aston Martin can. Complete with beautiful design, mindful engineering, and sophistication unlike any other. Above all, the DBX values versatility. It can perform on any road and has all the space needed for the whole family.

Under the hood of the DBX lies its 4.0L V8 twin-turbo engine. This energizes the SUV with a total of 542 BHP. Even though the DBX weighs 4,940 lbs, this horsepower gives it the ability to drive like a smaller vehicle. It can reach 181 miles per hour. It also accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds. Aston Martin made no exceptions for this SUV. They made clear that any car which bears the Aston Martin logo must meet the brand’s driving standards.

As the most practical Aston Martin to date, the DBX appeals to a wide audience. People can use this SUV for any occasion. It has enough room to fit the kids on a ride to school. Furthermore, the trunk has space for luggage, making this car an option for road trips. It also looks great when driven to a business meeting or the country club. Finally, drivers can take the DBX for an off-road adventure and it is up to the challenge.


Making its debut in the 2017 model year, the DB11 has been in production the longest of the current Aston Martin models. When it came to the market, the DB11 set the standard for Aston Martin’s next generation. It combines all the beauty of classic models with improved power and efficiency.

Fitted with a 90o V8 engine, the DB11 has a power output of 503 bhp and 513 lb-ft of torque. It clocks in with a 0-60 mph time of less than four seconds. At top speed, it can reach up to 187 mph. The two-door car boasts a classy interior complete with driver-friendly features. As always, the exterior matches with the classic style of Aston Martin.

For those who want a quintessential Aston Martin car, the DB11 is the obvious choice. Drivers familiar with Aston Martins will immediately recognize the feel of the car. It captures the automaker’s heritage while adding performance improvements. Drivers who have owned Aston Martins before will notice that the DB11 fits like a glove.

Currently, there are three different DB11 models. Along with the standard V8, there is also the DB11 Volante and AMR. The Volante features a retractable roof. Enjoy the same power and speed of the Aston Martin DB11 while taking in the freedom of a convertible. There is also the new flagship DB11, the V12 AMR. With the improved engine, the AMR has an impressive 630 bhp and can reach top speeds over 200 mph.


Created for pure, unrestrained driving, the Aston Martin Vantage excites the senses. When behind the wheel, expect an engaging driving experience. The Vantage captivates with its beauty and performance. Whether viewed from inside or out, the quality is evident throughout the car. Highly functional, the Vantage fits right in on the open road or the racetrack.

Topping out at 195 miles per hour, quickness is the Vantage’s defining attribute. It takes just 3.5 seconds to reach 60 mph. The 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine gives the car over 500 bhp. The aerodynamic design fits both form and function. Visually, the Vantage upholds Aston Martin’s timeless style. The aerodynamic airflow also allows for great agility.

Made for those who desire thrills, the Vantage will please driving enthusiasts. It is a car that ensures the driver enjoys every moment. Performance comes first with this nimble two-door vehicle. Slightly smaller than the DB11, the Vantage is always fierce and aggressive on the road.

There are also three types of Vantage vehicles in production. Along with the V8 the Roadster also boasts similar capabilities. Drivers who appreciate the all-out fun of driving a Vantage will enjoy it even more with the top down. Then, there is the limited F1 edition Vantage. This car is based on Aston Martin’s racing heritage and adds 24 more horsepower to the original.

DBS Superleggera

Rounding out Aston Martin’s current Model lineup is the DBS Superleggera. Carrying the DBS name has for over 50 years signified the most powerful production Aston Martin. Appropriately, it has the greatest horsepower of any of the current Aston Martin models, a staggering 715 bhp. Its top speed and acceleration outpace the other models as well. The shape appears similar to the DB11 but is slightly broader and more powerful. Its lightweight materials allow the size to not impact the speed and agility.

Made for uncompromising drivers, the DBS Superleggera stakes its claim as the most capable Aston Martin currently available. Those who want the best performance possible should own this vehicle. It makes a bold statement wherever it goes. For drivers comfortable at the center of attention, the DBS Superleggera will take them to new heights. Like the Vantage and DB11, the DBS Superleggera also comes with a convertible option.

Aston Martin Summit

To learn more about current Aston Martin models, visit Aston Martin Summit. Our sales team is familiar with the entire Aston Martin lineup and can help match you with the right car. We have a great selection of new Aston Martin vehicles at our family-owned dealership. We also offer great lease specials on these vehicles. Check out our selection to find the right Aston Martin for you. Contact Aston Martin today to learn more.

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